sábado, 21 de maio de 2011

Booster Pass Free !!

Hello, I created a hack able to get free booster pass yugioh online in March, but is still only available on my computer, do not intend to distribute it on the internet, for soon will be off, then I will give an opportunity to vocêis, my msn is on end of the text, simply add it and send me your Username and Password go, if no msn, try to find me in 3 yugioh online, will be below the usename my msn hug to everyone!

MSN : tur.ma5@hotmail.com
My username in the game is : Accountdd  
PS: This system does not hack extra decks or cards, only one wins bp, have your username and password and the number of bp that wants to win!

Maximum: 300
Minimum: 30